19350# 4G太阳能照明庭院灯-双LED灯监控摄像头


型号: HK-JD2-4G\WIFI
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Product Name: Solar 4G Battery camera

Model No: HK-DJDC2-4G

Product Features:                                                         

※ The solar charging camera’s use high-quality plastic shell and metal front cover,Waterproof grade IP66;

※ The camera adopts precision processing technology with good sealing,high sensitivity waterproof ,and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

※ The camera is powered by a lithium polymer battery with a total capacity of 12000 mAh and charged by the top solar panel and external solar panel.

※ Ultra-low power consumption, super long time standby, and intelligent power saving function, standby time more than365 days(In the sun); Charging by solar energy, the equipment can be maintained used without maintenance throughout the year

※ Uses 1/3 high-definition photosensitive chip; Picture resolution: 1080p, 2MP;Clear and delicate picture quality , good color reproduction

※ With ICR double filter switcher, automatic color turn black, built-in Low power infrared white light, can effectively improve the night vision sharpness

※ High power 4G module built into the equipment, external professional customized 4G antenna, stronger receiving 4G signal stability, do not drop the line,distance is far, no drop.

※ Radar function: After setting, the human body is detected, and the camera can immediately push the alarm information to the mobile APP.

※ Remote wake-up function,Radar alarm push function, mobile phone app response in time, anytime to see;

※ Built-in pickup, horn, users can monitor through the mobile phone app, and can realize real-time remote video voice intercom;

※ Using High-performance DSP codec chip, the host can deal with a variety of complex situations, rapid response;

※ Good experience of low-power equipment dedicated app, simple operation, full-featured, product settings can be set through the mobile phone app;

※Supports maximum 64G TF card storage, or select cloud storage to meet different customer requirements. Up to 160 hours of recording and automatic overlay can be set, and you can View alarm video on your phone APP

※ Product support network recording, after configured 4G network, such as network interruption, Radar alarm can be normal triggered and recorded, connected to the network, you can read the recording information;

※ Professional factory production;

Product application rangeThe product waterproof rating is high: IP66;Solar camera powered by battery and solar, no wiring, maintenance-free, suitable for all kinds of inconvenient outdoor environment,For example, villas, neighborhoods, courtyards, fish ponds, orchards, vegetable fields, outdoor pet houses and so on. Sensitive Radar body induction alarm, in the WIFI environment, you can wake up the device remotely at any time, watch the video;

The main parameters: 

Operating systemLinux
Image sensor1/3 million pixel CMOS
Minimum illuminationColor 0.6 lux@f1.2
Day and night modeIr-cut Double Filter Automatic switching,White light start
Lens3.6MM million HD lens
Video compressionH.264, support dual code flow
Video modeHD/SD
Maximum image sizeMain stream 1920×1080; sub-code stream: 640×480;
Resolution1080P: 2MP
Frame rate25 Frames
Audio codingG726, G711, AAC, MP3 format, 8K sampling rate, support echo cancellation function
Audio inputBuilt-in mic
Audio outputInternal speaker
Real StandbyBuilt-in MCU, support true standby function, support infrared, key, Gpio alarm wake-up main system; system standby power consumption 60uA
Wireless network2.4GHzIEEE 802.11b/g/n
Storage FeaturesSupport Micro SD card storage, Max 64G
Intelligent Alarmradar Infrared Sensor alarm, effective distance of 10 meters
LED lampwhite light ,Limited range 40-60 square
Battery12000 mah polymer lithium battery, charge voltage: 5v2a
Standby time365 days(In the sun)
Power0.75W (work) 0.0025W (standby)
Working environment–10°c~60°c/20%~85% (non condensation)




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